About me

purple hair

My name is Liv and I have social anxiety.

I live with my husband and I am a master’s student studying Psychology in Bristol, as well as being a support worker for adults with mental health conditions. I have a keen interest in mental health, specifically with adolescents and children in the education system. After struggling with my anxiety throughout school and seeing how the increasing pressures on young people are affecting their mental health, I would love to go into researching this area in the future and help in promoting well-being in schools.

I am also very interested in other areas such as Neuroscience (gotta love neurons and brain fluid!), personality, motivation and Autism (having grown up with an Autistic sister).

My interests outside psychology include photography, travel, being around dogs, cooking vegan food and making lists to motivate myself proceeded by wasting time.

This blog will be a compilation of research digests, thoughts and ideas and a dash of advice, enjoy!

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